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Commune at 93 Gloucester Place is a meticulously designed shared workspace perfect for those who don’t expect to be in the office all day every day.


Managed by the same support services team responsible for the offices in the building, Commune enjoys all the facilities and amenities available to offices in the building such as fully redundant high-speed internet access, the benefit of a staffed reception throughout business hours and access to cycle storage, the shower room and the four meeting rooms. This shared workspace has a kitchen and fridge of its own provisioned with the same supply of beverages and snacks as provided in the compact kitchens serving the private offices.


Those who take a desk can enjoy complimentary freshly roasted whole-bean coffee from Pact, a variety of Good and Proper teas, Caotina hot chocolate, hydration aids by Rejuvenation Water and San Pellegrino, along with Coke Classic and Coke Zero and tasty nibbles from Nibnibs and Joe & Seph's.

For your communications needs, Commune is equipped with three communal phones available for complimentary use; two attached to the insulated phone booths for calls that demand privacy and another by the open lounge seating for quick, not-so-confidential conversations. For administrative support needs, each member is entitled to an ample amount of complimentary colour and black-and-white printing, along with stationery should you find yourself in need of pen and paper.

There are two simple membership options available: a fixed desk or a shared desk. A fixed desk provides a reserved workspace for your exclusive use every day while with the shared desk option you are able to use any available workspace. 

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