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Frequently thought of as one of London’s more upscale yet least touristy neighbourhoods, the unassuming Marylebone Village is replete with hidden gems. An area that is quietly confident of its own charms, the lower-profile Marylebone is an outstanding place for the discerning to work and enjoy life’s epicurean pleasures. Within a 10-minute stroll from your office are numerous venues for indulging in good food and drink, for savouring the arts and for splurging on shopping at independent retailers and buying artisanal products.

The support services team at 93 Gloucester Place have the heart (and stomach) for good hospitality, and are happy to share their finds and local insights with you. Among the favourites are the Beehive a stone’s throw away for after-work drinks, Ishtar across the road for wholesome yet refined Turkish fayre and the consistently outstanding Twist Kitchen with their Josper grill.

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